Our knowledge and experience provides the flexibility needed to implement projects of any scope nationwide.
    NGFS partners with many alternative energy equipment, technology, and process developers that serve diverse market areas including Fueling Retailers, Municipalities, Production Facility Owners, Transit Services, Agriculture and Waste Companies.

    Our diverse project portfolio includes public and private CNG and LNG stations, Fleet Fueling facilities, FCEV charging stations, Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Centers, and Vehicle Maintenance Facilities.

    Our industry experience and reliable resources throughout the country combined with our cost-efficient planning solutions result in quality projects built ON TIME, and ON BUDGET.
  • NGFS provides comprehensive resources to ASSESS, DEVELOP, and IMPLEMENT business solutions for transitioning to cleaner fuels.
    As the energy infrastructure of America is upgraded and diversified, NGFS remains an industry leading choice for an EPC partner. We are inspired and knowledgeable in all aspects of clean energy innovation.

    Learn more about current strides in clean energy innovation and market growth opportunities.
  • NGFS was founded in 2012 by Herb Tschannen and Duane Mueller to build CNG and LNG fueling stations for commercial fleet operators and retail fueling stations across the Midwest.

    We have since diversified through industry partnerships to include all alternative fueling options, maintenance facility operations, and now extends services across the country.

    NGFS applauds government entities and companies that incentivize and develop processes to implement solutions for transitioning to cleaner energy sources.
    We have completed over 125 projects valued at over $300 million with our partners for such entities.

    With continued focus on emerging fueling markets and industry technological advances, NGFS looks forward to building more international and domestic partnerships that will help us Change What Drives America®.