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Featured Project

CNG – Vehicle Fleet Time Fill Fueling System

NGFS recently completed the construction of a fleet fueling system for a large waste hauling operator. Many Commercial Fleet Operators are recognizing the financial benefit and value of transitioning to clean running, efficient vehicles using natural gas.

NGFS constructed the entire project and coordinated the resolution of unforeseen constructability issues utilizing our pre-construction capabilities.

The project was designed to time fill approximately 200 vehicles while optimizing space layout and fuel post placement. A new Equipment Compound was constructed to serve over 1,300 ft of fill line and fueling stations.

The proximity of the equipment compound to the land fill site created unique challenges to coordinate with the Utility Companies and install 1,326 ft of 4 inch gas pipe and a 2000 Amp electrical service for the compound. Our construction included installing major equipment components as well as performing all site work, concrete, mechanical, electrical and miscellaneous signage and special system work.

  • Two twin 250 HP compressors
  • Priority Panel
  • Pressure Storage Vessels
  • Dryer Unit
  • Electrical Distribution and Motor Control Center
  • Fill Post Installations