NGFS builds for CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, Bio Gas, Battery/Electric, and Renewable energy sources.
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  • In partnership with nationwide developers and business owners, NGFS is Changing What Drives America┬«.
    • Transit Authorities
    • Energy and Utility Companies
    • City and Government Entities
    • Fueling Retailers and Distributors
    • Corporate Shippers
    • Carriers
    • School Districts
    • Equipment Manufacturers
    • Port Authorities
    • Agriculture Companies
    • Bio Gas Industry
    • Waste Hauling
NGFS is commited to helping corporations reach their Sustainability Goals.
As Energy Markets Diversify, NGFS Evolves.
  • Advancements in the practical application of alternative energy sources drive innovation in fueling production, storage and delivery processes. NGFS is a trusted industry partner when upgrading, transitioning or installing infrastructure to implement improved or new energy solutions.
  • NGFS has the market awareness and industry knowledge to meet your unique business objectives.
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    HYDROGEN - Equipment and infrastructure for low cost, distributed, high efficiency Hydrogen power with zero to negative environmental impact.
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    BIO GAS - Value added commodities and carbon neutral energy storage solutions for sources derived from anaerobic digestion and fermentation.
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    Compressed Natural Gas - Public and private fueling stations and operational infrastructure for this proven, low cost, reliable energy choice can improve your bottom line.
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    Liquid Natural Gas - High Horse Power (HHP) applications of this low cost, dense, clean energy are being implemented in the hauling, mining, rail and marine market areas.
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  • Our nationwide experience and alignment with industry partners combine to provide a dependable source for your next infrastructure project.