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Truck Conversion & Service

Fleet Evaluations: Clarke Power Services can Develop, Assist in, and or Evaluate your Natural Gas transition plan. We will evaluate your existing asset list to come to the best solution for converting your current fleet. Options could be converting existing assets to run on dual fuel (Diesel and Natural Gas), replacing with turn-key dual fuel glider units, replacing with new equipment, or a combination of these options. We will take your current asset list, trade cycle, and capital budget to come up with the best solution to displace as much diesel fuel as possible during the transition process.

Maintenance Solutions: Clarke Power Services can provide maintenance on your converted Natural Gas and dedicated Natural Gas Fleet. This could be Customer Shop Overflow, Preventive Maintenance, or total Fleet Maintenance Management utilizing our Natural Gas trained techs and facilities as well as our preferred Network of vendor as required.

Dual Fuel Conversions: Clarke Power Services can convert your existing fleet to run on Diesel and Natural Gas utilizing the Non-Invasive American Power Group Dual Fuel system. We can utilize CNG or LNG tank packages that we help spec so you get the best substitution of Natural Gas over Diesel Fuel as possible. During this specification process we take into consideration your routes and miles to come up with the best fuel storage package possible for your assets. Once this process is complete we install the American Power Group system with the tank packages specified all in one of our 25+ locations covering nine states as well as our 200+ location WheelTime network if required. We will also remove and reinstall the system on another truck when the truck has reached its end of life in your fleet leaving a 100% diesel truck for resale or trade.

Turn-Key Truck Solutions: Clarke Power Services can provide a turn-key Dual Fuel truck to your fleet utilizing our Glider Kit partners as a Purchase, Lease, or Full Service Lease. This can be an option to 100% dedicated Natural Gas truck or as part of your Natural Gas transition plan while utilizing less capital to get to reach your transition goals quicker. These turn-key Dual Fuel trucks can include Freightliner, Western Star, and Paccar products.