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service facilities & retrofit

Service Facilities & Retrofit

Servicing natural gas vehicles requires operators of vehicle service maintenance facilities to make modifications to existing buildings or new buildings to comply with code requirements. In fact, specialized electrical and HVAC systems are required for natural gas facilities to comply with these applicable code requirements.  

NGFS offers turn-key design/build services to retrofit existing buildings or construct new vehicle service maintenance facilities. We help our clients stay on top of code requirements by providing them with the knowledge of a company with years of industry experience  It is because of our value engineering ideas and applications that we can implement these requirements in the most cost effective manner possible.

We understand the needs and wants of our clients, and we do our very best to provide information and services relevant to them. Because we offer help during the entire process, we know that our clients are fully satisfied with the outcome of our vehicle service maintenance facilities.

For more information, please contact NGFS.